Arrow Storage in Sheffield

Whether you’re selling your house, in desperate need of a declutter or if you have any equipment or hardware that you just don’t have room for our containerised storage solutions, located just outside Sheffield City Centre, are perfect for all your storage needs

Arrow Removals - one of our storage facilities in Sheffield
Arrow Removals – one of our storage facilities in Sheffield

De-clutter your house with our storage in Sheffield

Over the years every house will acquire so much stuff that eventually you just won’t have the room for it. Maybe your old storage room is soon going to be a bedroom for a new member of the family or maybe you need your garage for a new car; whatever the reason we understand that it’s hard to part with your much loved treasures, so why not put them into storage till you have the room.


All of our storage containers are wooden, meaning the air can circulate better than metal shipping containers. This means that there will be no condensation or mildew build up making for a great place to store delicate items and fabrics. Furthermore, in order to prevent build-up of moisture and to keep the air around the containers and in the warehouse dry we have a range of industrial dehumidifiers working 24/7. Our containers range in size from 250ft³ to 350ft³.


Our storage depot is less than two miles away from both Sheffield City Centre and Junction 33 of the M1. The building has extensive CCTV and is protected 24hrs a day by manned security. You’ll also have more peace of mind knowing that the building is at the top of a hill, so even during the catastrophic floods of 2007 we weren’t affected.

Short or Long Term Solutions

If you’re in need of storage whilst your house undergoes vital work or decoration, then we have short term lease available. Alternatively, if you’ve simply run out of room in your house then we can look after your stuff indefinitely.

Storage Prices and Payment info

Storage prices are:

  • £7 for half a 250 container
  • £10 for a full 250 container
  • £15 for a full 350 container

Payment is available in cash or card only. To find out more about our storage options contact us today